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About Peak Production

Peak Production are a manufacturer of automated equipment based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, the UK’s first garden city. Our automated equipment has been installed across many manufacturing sites both in the UK and abroad and we cover many disciplines (PCB Design, test rack configuration, including panel design and manufacture, custom wiring etc.)

25 May 2021
Peak Production has been successfully accepted into the JOSCAR register
21 April 2021
We are open for business and our objective is for everyone to remain safe with minimum disruption
9 April 2015
The PXI Show Preview: Peak Group adds new products to portfolio of PXI automatic test systems based on partnerships with NI, GOEPEL electronic and VPC.
9 February 2015
Welcome to our brand new website.
1 July 2014
The Peak Group celebrates 30th Anniversary.
19 June 2014
JTAG Technologies releases VPC Pull Thru Module.

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Providing Automated Test and Measurement Solutions

Custom ATE Solutions

Software, electrical and mechanical Design and Manufacture.

Automated Test

Automating test increases the consistency of manufacture and testing. Peak Production specialises in the automation of functional test. Using automation reduces test time and increases consistency of testing while allowing qualified people to do other more skilled work. We use various methods to automate movement within systems. These include pneumatics, electrical powering of devices and sensors to detect limits of travel and position of products before proceeding with further tests.


At the centre of the automated system is a computing device. This could be a PC, specialised PXI rack, embedded controller or a PLC. Using output modules to set actuators and input modules for detection the system runs automatically. With the use of multiplexor and relay modules, signals can be routed to test equipment, reducing the number of measurement devices needed within the system. For the control system to function, software is needed to control and monitor connected devices. Further enhancements could include network communications to databases, websites and other control systems. Software is programmed at our facilities in Letchworth Garden City by Peak Production using the following platforms:

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Rack Assembly Solutions

Peak Production - Aerospace Test Solution 

A key part of our business is the bespoke design of industry standard 19” test racks within which to integrate customer test electronics. Peak test racks have many unique features including:

  • Large doors on the sides and back giving access to the equipment housed inside.
  • Internal 19” instrument rack with slides.
  • Mains distribution and safety circuit box.
  • Fully configured back panel.
  • Inlet and exhaust fans.
  • E-Stop/safety/interlock circuitry.
  • Wiring for earth star point, mains distribution.

In addition to these bespoke test systems, we have designed our own PXI Desk and Modular PXI Test Rack, which have proved very popular with a number of clients. The Desk provides 13U of full depth instrumentation space and a further 6U of limited depth instrumentation space (rear mounted). It is ergonomically designed for a production test environment and includes:

  • Integrated VPC mass interface receiver adaptor, allowing for large numbers and variety of contact types, quickly and easily connected with one operation.
  • Wide body to allow for cooling fans on both sides of main chassis and at top rear of desk.
  • Internal (integrated) keyboard and mouse

    Peak Production - PXI Test Desk with VPC G18 interface

The Modular PXI Test Rack is height adaptable to accept up to 42U of test instrumentation and includes all of the above benefits, has built in service panels, rack cooling and is specifically designed to fit through a standard single width door.

All of our racks are modelled in SolidEdge our 3D modelling Software. Modelling the racks help us to ensure that all the required equipment will fit in the rack with the correct spacing for airflow, cabling and accessibility. During construction we ensure all metal panels are grounded and cable looms identified. Incorporated in our racks is a safety box. This safety box distributes power and monitors emergency stops.